Fun Time at Aquatic BASS ll, An Orlando Pool Party Event

Last Saturday, along with my buddy Joe Vaught, I attended Aquatic BASS II.

Aquatic BASS IIHosted by Corey James and Jason Brown, the pool party invaded a Howard Johnson Plaza located in Altamonte Springs, Florida. For those who don’t know Florida, Altamonte Springs exists on the edge of Orlando. In some spots, you travel through Maitland first. As you may hear people say Orlando party, many outsiders don’t know Altamonte Springs. Yet, they do know Orlando. That’s why you might hear Orlando party.

I didn’t know were the previous location was. Yet, this was the second party of the series.

Parking was no problem finding. Entry fee was five bucks. After Joe paid our way, we received a blue rubber bracelet. (I had the money. Joe was just being nice.)

Actually, the bracelet was a blue and white Tye-die style with the words “Breaks Warrior For Life!” on it. Also, it advertised “”.

The event started at 11AM. I think Joe and I arrived around 1PM.

Already, I noticed the difference from previous, big event, pool parties I attended. Unlike previous parties, this was the first one I noticed people bringing kids. I thought nothing wrong with that. I just noticed it.

Just like the rubber bracelet indicated, most of the DJs played breakbeat dance music. Back in the 90’s, Florida created its own version of the genre. Some DJs played mp3 music. Some played vinyl.

I soon pulled out my camera. Some days back, I asked permission could I photograph the event.

Some people swam in the pool. Others watched the DJs. Some chatted with friends. Later on, some folks danced to the music.

I heard the organizers already planned a September event. Because I enjoyed this one, I plan on attending the next one.


10 thoughts on “Fun Time at Aquatic BASS ll, An Orlando Pool Party Event

  1. Thanks for the great article and for showing this scene is more then what everyone thinks. This is event was made and designed to be family orientated for everyone to enjoy good times with good people and fun for all ages. Look forward to seeing you at our next event in September.

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