Live Lewd Girl’s Belladiva Bonesaw: An Interview

Belladiva Bonesaw

Belladiva Bonesaw hosts Live Lewd Girls, an erotic spoken-word series happening monthly at Orlando’s Peacock Room. Recently, the event won third place in Orlando Weekly’s Reader’s Choice for Best Spoken-Word Series.

For this humble blog, Miss Bonesaw blessed these words.

1.What is your history in Orlando?

I was invited to a party by Master Cecil of the Woodshed Orlando in July of 2008. I had such a fantastic time that I ended up driving down every weekend. I also met a wonderful group of classical musicians. The kink and musical communities in this town quickly became a surrogate family, as my own lived really far away. At the time, I was finishing up my last year of college. As soon as I was out of school, it just made sense to move down here full time.

2. What is your literary history?

My literary history…. I started writing short stories when I was 13 or 14. They mostly consisted of a very precocious Hermione Granger seducing the entire population of Hogwarts. And the Ministry of Magic. And the Weasley family. I lived out all my young lust through my nymphet seductress Hermione. To quote the movie Quills: “If I wasn’t such a bad woman on the page, I couldn’t be such a good woman in life.” (I was a very good kid, and I never got in trouble. True story.)

3. What is Live Lewd Girls?

Live Lewd Girls is an erotic story showcase with an all-female cast. Every month presents different readers and different themes. Some of us write our own stories, others choose theirs from the internet, anthologies, etc., always giving proper credit to the original authors. (We do accept submissions, the criteria being that the stories are under 1000 words and contain no children, no scat, no animals, no rape, and no sad subject matter. We’re happy perverts. Make us laugh, then let us go home to touch ourselves.) We are also unique in that we donate all of our proceeds to various Orlando charities. As nobody gets paid, every performer is here out of the kindness of their hearts.

4. Live Lewd Girls contains readers of various backgrounds: a porn star, burlesque dancer, etc. Was that on purpose or was that incidental?

The rotating cast of Live Lewd Girls is very diverse for a reason. We wanted something for everyone. Also, appealing to several different fan bases would help us get larger crowds. I choose seasoned performers so I don’t have to worry about someone getting stage fright, and thankfully porn stars and burlesque dancers have no problem with that. They also know how to keep it sexy!

5. Lewd Girls continues to gain exposure.

Exposure…. I just try to link as many other websites to it as possible. And drop as many Orlando references as I can so folks will see it when they’re googling what to do on the third Thursday of every month. They do that, right? I Google things.

6. What are your views on current erotic literature?

Current, you mean like in the last 100 years? Kidding. I grew up with Anne Rice’s Beauty trilogy (technically it’s her pen name A.N. Roquelaure if you want to check it out) and The Story of O, so you could say I’ve been rather spoiled. Very little of what I have read in the last five years has stirred my downstairs mix-up. And believe me, I gave it the chance. But it’s like music or movies, or any media in the sense that you’re always going to love what you were exposed to as a teenager most. So no matter how hot the 50 Shades movie will be, I’ll always like Secretary better. And the sixteen year olds of today will be unimpressed by the stuff that comes out ten years from now. C’est la vie. Everything is worth reading though. Reading is sexy.

7. What are your views on Orlando’s literary and spoken-word scene?

I love it. It’s incredibly diverse, and it’s always a treat to go to a spoken-word event where the writers are still scribbling on bar napkins, even though they’re up in 10 minutes. It’s manic, and with the writers I go see, it’s always funny. I hate sad things, so I prefer the comedy-centric shows, like Speakeasy.

8. Literature isn’t the only thing you’re known for.

I was raised by kinky parents who had kinky parents of their own. It was only hereditary that I should grow up to be a dominatrix. I studied mortuary science and operatic performance in college, so when I first debuted onto the BDSM scene (after 3 years of strict training under professionals), the name I was given was Belladiva Bonesaw. I run what can essentially be considered a finishing school for boys. Clients go through a lengthy screening process before they can even set foot in the dungeon, but once they begin a training regimen they’re mine for years. I am very selective, and try to keep my clientele small. Quality over quantity. (I’m also an opera singer with a local company based in Central Florida! But that’s my day job, and a story for another day.)

9. When is next the upcoming show?

Our next show, Live Lewd Girls: Pussy Power, will be on August 21st at The Peacock Room (1321 North MIlls Ave, Orlando 32803). The doors open at 9, the show starts around 9:45. We charge a $5 donation at the door, but we also pass around a hat during the show while strategically placed audience members play Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” on their cell phones. Because charity. Just kidding. We have otherwise respectable ladies, moaning out raunchy words in hopes that the audience will be moved to give all their ones to the puppies and kitties. Because the theme this is Pussy Power, we are donating all of our proceeds to the cats of the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. Also, Commissioner Patty Sheehan will be one of the readers and might be bringing some of her Bad Kitty paintings to auction off as well.





2 thoughts on “Live Lewd Girl’s Belladiva Bonesaw: An Interview

  1. Nice interview Stone….its a pretty cool twist on a old theme that needed a breath of fresh air…

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