Vintage Concert Photos of Orlando’s Visage

Fall 1987.  As many classmates graduated high school in June 1987, I graduated high school August 1987 (I went to summer school).  Fall 1987 was the year I became a club head.  Me and other dudes started hanging out every weekend in Central Florida clubs.  Well, at least, spots that catered to the under 21 crowd.

One spot was Visage, located in Orlando’s north-west side in an abandoned warehouse.  I never forgot goth kids asking can you spare change.  This happened at the entrance.

Most folks remember Visage as an underground punk/new wave joint.  Mostly, that was what it was.  Yet, I remember around ’89 and ’90, other nights played club and hip hop music.  I think this happened on an odd night like Sunday.  Plus this was short-lived. Mostly, Visage was a punk/new wave/goth/whatever alternative.

Visage also introduced me to the sounds of Skinny Puppy and Faith No More.

The venue closed in the 90’s. Some folks still have reunions centered around it.

Recently, on Facebook, I noticed my friend Spike Weiser’s photo album of vintage concert photos.  Some of them were Visage photos.  I asked Spike could I borrow some for this humble blog.  As he told me some photos his friends took, he gave me the okay.



3 thoughts on “Vintage Concert Photos of Orlando’s Visage

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  2. I googled visage/electric avenue and found your post. Cool to see the bad brains photo. I remember going to that show. I would go to visage on fridays then on Wednesday when I turned 21 since I could drink then. So many great memories then! Later when the edge opened I started going there too, 2-3 nights a week hitting the clubs, staying til 5 am at the edge. Saw fugazi, beastie boys and skinny puppy there as well. I stopped going around 94. Moved away in 2000 and haven’t been to visit in 8 years unfortunately. I had some of my best times in Orlando though, hanging out downtown with all my punk friends while the tourists looked at us like we were freaks, stopping in at yab yum for coffee. The memories… glad I ran across your post!

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