House Music Legend Derrick Carter Grooves Orlando Crowd

Last Friday, house music legend Derrick Carter headlined at Orlando’s The Social. Considered one of the top DJs in the world, Carter started his craft in Chicago’s underground scene. Actually, he started DJing at age nine. At this time, he DJed family reunions. In early adulthood, he released his first single “Love Me Right”.

People call him a house DJ. Yet, at The Social, Derrick Carter pleasantly mixed beyond typical house music sounds. He mixed disco, funk and soul right along with house. People danced and rode the happy mood right along with him.  His skills definitely showed why he’s considered one of the world’s best DJs.

In the past decade and to the present, as I photographed events, DJs mostly played house music. With my knowing house music originated in Chicago, Derrick Carter was a personal first for me. I had never witnessed the skills of a Chicago house DJ before, especially a legend.

It’s like hearing so much about the blues, music created by Mississippi musicians. Then, finally, you witness the performance of a Mississippi blues entertainer. With no disrespect to other performers of the genre, seeing the Mississippi entertainer makes the blues performance feel and look more authentic. That’s how I saw Derrick Carter. When it came to house music, I was witnessing the real deal.

Orlando’s Queens of Noise opened the event.  The female trio contains Lola B, Candice B and Fox Force005. Once a month, they play Sandwich Bar, located in Orlando’s Milk District.  Before Derrick arrived onstage, Queens of Noise already had people dancing.

Many Orlando, house music, fans missed a great evening.  For doing that, they ought to be ashamed of themselves.


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