Live Lewd Girls: Dirty Stories for Charity 2

Last Thursday at Orlando’s Peacock Room, I witnessed another Live Lewd Girls event. Live Lewd Girls read erotic fiction for charity. This month’s charity was Full Tummy Project. Created by The Doglando Foundation, Full Tummy Project distributes dog and cat food to residents. Tonight, the ladies read fanfiction, stories of popular fictional characters written by fans.

Belladiva Bonesaw, the event’s host, read first.

Belladiva Bonesaw

Her erotic story involved Willow and Giles, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

“Please fuck me Giles, you have to fuck me..”


Next, Cherry Bob-bomb read.  Cherry Bob-omb

Cherry read a homoerotic story involving Castiel and Dean from Supernatural.

Cherry performs for Skill Focus Burlesque.


Next, Katie Correll read fanficton someone wrote about her.
Katie Correll reading

Some people may remember Katie Corell from King of the Nerds, a reality competition show featuring nerds. Someone wrote a fanfiction about Katie.  In the story, Katie pegs host Curtis Armstrong with a dildo.

Fuck me like Edison fucked Tesla..”

Katie Corell is a puppeteer.


As the ladies read, Reno Mussatto played drums.

Reno Mussatto


Minerva Quaintrelle read next.

Minerva Quaintrelle

Thor and Loki have an incestuous sexual encounter.Thor milks Loki and gives him oral sex.

“No, just stop,” an audience member says as the story continued.

Minerva Quaintrelle performs for Polylust Burlesque.


Next, Sydney Screams read.

A sexual encounter happens between Deanna Troi and Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Deanna seduces Data.

Sydney Screams is a fetish model.


Next, Ruby Darling read.
Ruby Darling reading

A bisexual threesome happens between X-Men characters Magneto, Rougue and Wolverine.

Ruby Darling, a veteran Lewd Girl, performs for Skill Focus Burlesque.


Katie Corell returned as Janine Melnitz, the secretary from Ghostbusters.
Katie Correll reading as Janine Melnitz from Ghostbusters

Janine has phone sex with the chief of police.


Next, Ivey Daniels read.

In this story, Captain American, Tigra and She-Hulk form a threesome in the gym of the Avenger’s mansion.

Ivey Daniels performs for Skill Focus Burlesque.


Last, Whitney Morgan dressed as Supergirl and read.

Whitney Morgan as Supergirl

Supergirl is stripped and abused by Galatea, her clone.

Whitney Morgan is a porn star and model.


For next month, the reading happens again on August 21. Food will be the theme. Like the Jackson 5, I’ll be there.










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