Orlando’s Queens of Noise Choose Good Time-Inspiring Songs at Sandwich Bar

Last Friday, Joe Vaught drove him and I to another Sandwich Bar event.  For new readers, Sandwich Bar exists in Orlando’s Milk District.

Tonight’s event featured Queens of Noise, an all-female DJ trio.

Queens of Noise Sign in Front of Orlando's Sandwich BarThe members include Candice B, Lola B and Fox Force005.

Once a month, Queens of Noise plays house music at Sandwich Bar.  Tonight’s event was called Valley of the Dolls, named after the same-titled book and movie.

Naked barbie doll, Dionne Warrick album and candles.

Despite the good sounds and happy atmosphere, the crowd size disappointed Joe and I.  We felt Queens of Noise deserved more people showing up.  Don’t get me wrong. The place definitely wasn’t empty.  Still, Queens of Noise deserves a larger audience.  Truth be known, they are far better than many male DJs. Instead of look-at-me-I’m-a-DJ, Queens of Noise preferred choosing good time-inspiring songs.  People dancing came before ego. I noticed the same thing with Sandra Collins when she performed at Sandwich Bar.

Like I mentioned earlier, Queens of Noise performs Sandwich Bar once a month.  I recommend attending their nights.  This Friday at The Social, they open for house music legend Derrick Carter.



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