Illuminated Paths: Space Coast’s Exciting DIY Record Label

Potion Vapers by Syyrup

Potion Vapers by Syyrup

“What the fuck is vaporwave?” I asked myself.

This question floated through my mind as I listened to artists on Illuminated Paths’ website. Fronted by Joshua Rogers, music label Illuminated Paths operates on Florida’s Space Coast, one of my favorite escape spots. As I listened to the awesome music, I kept noticing “vaporwave” in the tags section.

I Googled the word and read the Wikipedia description. Basically, vaporwave focuses around music samples and video/film loops. Regular instruments (mostly keyboards) are added. Most music plays a timeframe before 1995. Some of it may be 80s pop (Palm Haze by Miami Vice). One album nearly crossed the sound hallucinations of 90s trip-hop with the rhythms of 90s neo-soul (Potion Vapors by Syyrup). I guess the second group’s name is a nod to syrup-sipping.

All of Illuminated Paths’ albums aren’t exactly vaporwave. We Have the Techology’s Tru Wav rides part of the album on Detroit-style techno. Unlike house music, Detroit techno contains hard driving beats, the same music fund on Tru Wav.

Illuminated Paths sells albums on a twenty-five limited release of cassette tapes. Yep, you read it right. The music is released on cassette tapes. Still, after buying tapes that cost six bucks at the most, the buyer receives a code to download the album’s digital format.

Fader featured Illuminated Paths in an online article about DIY music labels. Also, Electronic Beats included Miami Vice’s Palm Haze as one of the best vaporwave albums of 2013.

In the future, I’ll write more in-depth reviews for some albums. For right now, I’ll enjoy the cool collection of tapes I already have from Illuminated Paths.

For the record, I receive no pay for this blog. This is my writing for a label I enjoy.



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