College Park’s Ollie’s Public House: Good Service and Cool Atmosphere

Yea, I know.  My reflection is in the window.

Yea, I know. My reflection is in the window.


Last Friday night, after attending a poetry event, I stopped at Ollie’s Public House. Ollie’s is a cool bar located in Orlando’s College Park section. Actually, it’s right by Edgewater High School. Some people may remember it as Jax. Yet, since 2012, the bar existed as Ollie’s.

During Friday and Saturday nights, as I drove by, Ollie’s always seemed busy. I always saw many people sitting outside in the patio area.

Some weeks ago, I sat on the patio with my friend Joe Vaught. A friendly brunette server took care of us.

Tonight, I decided to drink inside at the bar counter.

Like last time, I saw patrons of various ages. I wouldn’t call it a yuppie bar. Yet, most patrons appeared clean cut. Also, unlike yuppie bars, nobody stared at you as if you didn’t belong there. Then, again, I wasn’t dressed in a way that attracted unnecessary attention.

The same brunette that served me on the patio last time served me inside. I ordered a Bud Light draft, the cheapest I ever found in Orlando. It cost $2.50. Plus they gave me all my change back. (Believe it or not, some bars own a nasty habit of keeping people’s coinage change.)

Because I arrived around 12, I missed the band. No big thing to me. I wasn’t in the mood for live entertainment, anyway.

For sports people, televisions screens are located throughout the place.

I didn’t know if someone hooked up an IPod or laptop. Yet, obviously, a staff member was choosing songs from somewhere. I knew this because some songs didn’t play in their entirety. I didn’t care.

Still, I enjoyed the fact some songs were rap. I noticed two female patrons dancing to the rap music. Both appeared thirty-something.

A guy who appeared fifty-something fell out of his chair. At least, I thought he did. I heard a chair fall over. Next, I saw dude on the ground.

After that, one of the servers gave him water, a cool gesture if you ask me.

Despite my enjoying Ollie’s, I do have one gigantic complaint. Because of my late arrival, I was able to find a parking spot. Yet, if I arrived earlier, I would have been forced parking in Edgewater High School’s parking lot. Parking there scares me. Why? Because of signs threatening to tow cars.
Tow Away Zone

I don’t know of any incidents where towing actually happened. Still, I wouldn’t put anything pass some tow company on the prowl for unlucky car owners.

I see myself drinking in Ollie’s again. I enjoy the service and the atmosphere. Still, I would be extra cautious about parking.


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