Winter Park’s Studio 18 Hosted an Exciting Poetry Event

Last Friday, I drove to Studio 18. a recording a spot located in Winter Park, Florida.  A poetry event was  featuring Tampa’s The Sacred Sounds Poetry Slam team. In August, representing Tampa, Sacred Sounds travel to Oakland, California for the National Poetry Slam. Tonight’s event was a fundraiser for them.

When I first arrived, Curtis X. Meyer gave me a tour of studio. Curtis is the studio’s ambassador/ tour guide.   Using my cell phone, I photographed various spots during the tour.

After the tour, the exciting poetry happened.  First ,Sacred Sounds performed.  Next, other poets performed. Some folks recited.  Some read poems from their cell phones.  After one poet performed, he or she would tag another. The tagged person performed next.

That night Curtis X. Meyer turned 30.

After having a good time, I’m glad places like Studio 18 exists in the Central Florida area.   Anyone or any place giving the community an artistic outlet ranks high in my book.


One thought on “Winter Park’s Studio 18 Hosted an Exciting Poetry Event

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