More Photos of Will’s Pub

When I uploaded them on my last Will’s Pub blog, I was fully aware my photos weren’t showing the whole truth. During the first WIll’s Pub, I really wasn’t documenting. Mostly, I photographed people during the Tuesday night poetry readings.

When I posted the blog on Facebook, Will Walker (the owner) loved it. When he reposted the blog, so did most of his friends. Yet, some nitpicked. They felt certain bands should have been included. Others felt because of their loyal attendance at Will’s Pub, I should have included them.

Well, most of the bands they mentioned I didn’t care about. Nothing against the bands themselves, or their music. I just didn’t follow them. Understand, I really wasn’t attempting documenting Will’s itself.

As for why some folks didn’t get included? For one, they probably weren’t present when I had my camera. Second, the most likely, I probably didn’t know them. Most of the folks in the photos were people I knew for years. One was someone I knew since fifth grade (Cynthia Barrett). Third of all, I probably didn’t like the person or people. I loved Will’s Pub. There I gained friendships still lasting to this day. Yet, before the days of the Great Hipster Invasion on American Culture, their predecessors hung out at Will’s too. (Except for Christina B, I suspect those are the ones doing the most bitching.)

I attempted fixing the problem. Last week, I created a Facebook post asking folks to send photos of the first Will’s Pub. Will Walker and other friends reposted. How many people responded? A HUGE WHOPPING NUMBER TWO!!! Manuel Daddy and Sandra Rapp, you’re beautiful and I shall forever be indebted to you.

I’m really not pissed. More than likely, because Will’s started in the 90’s, folks own prints. This means a lot of time-consuming scanning. Out of sympathy, that’s why I’m not pissed.

Here’s the next batch of Will’s Pub photos. Some are personal photos I later found. Also, these same photos will be included in the first Will’s Pub blog. A special shout out to Ashley Belanger of the Orlando Weekly. She blogged about the first Will’s Pub blog.


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