Orlando’s Kimball Collins’ DJ Skills Keeps The Floor Packed

Last Thursday, a friend and I attended a Sandwich Bar event.  Sandwich Bar exists in Orlando’s Milk District, called that because of the location behind TG LEE Dairy. Tonight’s headliner was local legend Kimball Collins,  a house music DJ known worldwide.

DJ playing music in a bar.

Back in 1989, I remembered him as a DJ for the now-closed Park Avenue.   Then one night in Downtown Orlando, I walk into what is now called The Beacham.  Back then the venue was called Aahz. That’s when I noticed the same DJ from Park Avenue spinning records in Aahz.  Yet, this music was different from what I heard at Park Avenue.  I liked the music.  Yet, I never heard it before.

If I remember correctly, Aahz was where I first heard Rhythm Device’s electrifying and catchy tune “Acid Rock”.

That was only time I would attend that night.  Since then, Kimball Collin’s career went way beyond playing nights in Orlando.   Being one of the first American DJs to play London’s Ministry of Sound, Collins also played in world wide various spots like  Tokyo’s Velfare, Italy’s Globo and  Bedsupper Club in Bangkok.

When we first arrived, the Milk District’s few parking spots were already filled.  So, Joe (my friend) found a spot located a block behind the district. Actually, he parked on the side of the street.

When we reached Sandwich Bar, Atnarko Bear was playing.  Already people were dancing. Plus Sandwich Bar was too damned hot.  I mean sweat-soaking-your-shirt hot.

Kimball Collins started around twelve, the typical time for headliner DJs.  As soon as Kimball started playing, folks began photographing and video recording him with cell phones, something I never witnessed involving DJs. Especially with a whole crowd of people doing it.  Kimball Collins definitely has rock star status.

As I photographed the evening, I noticed the various Aahz t-shirts.  One guy had an original, as others wore anniversary shirts.

Black t-shirt of Aahz 20th anniversary

Also, Jerry Johnson wore a United DJs of America t-shirt.

United DJs of America T-shirt

The United DJs of America series were  compilation CDs created by American DJs.  Kimball Collins released the first CD.

Not only did Kimball Collins attract a full house that night, his music also kept the floor  packed.   Whenever he plays another Orlando spot, I’ll attempt attending it.

The following are photos of the night.




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