Anthony of Opie and Anthony Needs Booty Pics Lessons

I’m sure many are already aware of Anthony Cumia’s recent tweets. According to Anthony of SiriusXM radio show Opie and Anthony, a black woman kicked his ass for photographing her without permission. Then, Anthony Cumia posted Twitter rants calling black people savages. These rants lead to his firing from the Opie and Anthony show.

This blog isn’t about racism. Oh no, because this is a nightlife blog, this post touches on photographing nightlife people. For one, photographing people without their permission is not against the law. Yet, if you get caught taking candid shots, go ahead and fess up to it. At least, apologize for it and delete the pic. If you get your ass kicked, you asked for it. I didn’t say you deserve it. Still, you are taking a risk photographing folks without their permission. Only an idiot plays with fire and complains about being burned.

Somewhere along the line, Mr. Cumia posted this “scenic” shot on Twitter.
Booty pic of woman walkng down street

For this pic, folks called him a perv. My opinion? He gives perv photographers a bad name.

Before I go on, let me say this. I am not condoning candid booty pics. Because they come across as creepy, that is why I am currently fighting the urge photographing them. They are sexist, objectifying and just plain wrong. 😉

Still, if not for asking permission, terrible booty pics is definitely one reason Anthony Cumia deserves an ass-beating. When I first read the story, I thought he was using a cell phone for pics. The photo’s out-of-focused background suggests he was either using a DSLR camera or something close to it. I hate assholes using camera equipment they know nothing about. Plenty of them get jobs here in Downtown Orlando’s nightclubs.

When you shoot horizontally, a vertical object should never be in the middle, just like the woman in Cumia’s pic. A wiser choice may have been the woman closer to the right or left of the photo. Here’s a cropped version.

Anthony of Opie and Anthony Street Pic Cropped 1

In my humble opinion, this adds more of an artistic flavor to the booty pic. Plus you take in the whole image. This can even be achieved with a square Instagram-like image.

Anthony of Opie and Anthony Street Pic Cropped 3

One way I definitely would have photographed is holding the camera vertically. Then, I would have cropped the image with software. Observe the following image.
Anthony of Opie and Anthony Street Pic Cropped 2

True enough, folks would have still called Cumia a perv. Yet, many perv photographers would have given a thumbs up. For now, Anthony Cumia deserves one royal ass-kicking for shitty booty pics. Shitty booty pics give perv photographers a bad name.


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