7 Tips for Surviving Downtown Orlando’s Nighttime Parking

Downtown Orlando Parking Garage 4

Downtown Orlando parking sucks, especially during the night. During the weekends, the free parking fills up quick. Also, parking costs too much.

Yet, I shall lay some tips on the readers. By the way, as of this writing, things may change. So, don’t go holding me accountable for a parking ticket or your automobile being towed.

1.During weekends, arrive early. After 6PM, meter parking is free. Yet, they fill up fast.

2.Consider these parking spots. These parking meter areas contain the most free parking spots: East Magnolia, Jefferson Street, Palmetto Avenue and Rosalind.

3.Consider a Friday night over a Saturday. On Fridays, some parking garages are cheaper than Saturdays.

4.Try a taxi. A friend who lives close to Downtown told me hiring a taxi costs about as much as Downtown’s parking.

5.For safety reasons, use five dollar parking.
During the weekends, five dollar parking is a bargain, especially with other spots charging seven to ten bucks. My favorite spot is the parking garage on Washington. When it comes to paid parking, criminals think twice about breaking into automobiles. In outside parking, the parking attendant is present. In a garage, not only is a security camera present, also people coming and going from the garage.

Once, when I used free parking during the weekend, the car next to me was broken into. And the poor guy just bought the car.

6.Be very aware of where you park.
Of all the cars towed, I think I have witnessed the most towed in a parking lot on Washington. I think this comes from people ignoring the parking meter station. Or they don’t see it.

When it involves parking lots, meter parking is NOT free after 6PM.  Free parking only involves sidewalk parking.

7. Sunday to Wednesday, parking is usually headache free. Paying for parking during these nights tells me two things about someone. For one, you’re worried about your car’s safety, something understandable. Second, because paid parking is closer, your lazy ass don’t like walking.

Hopefully, these tips help you.


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