Attending a Cool Smile for Camera Event at Roxy Orlando

About a year ago, I attended Takeovr at Roxy Orlando.  Actually, I was a friend’s wingman for a column he writes. On Tuesdays, Smile for Camera hosted nights involving trap and dub step music.

Two things impressed me about the night. First, for a Tuesday night, the place was packed. Few nightspots could achieve a packed Tuesday night. Second, Roxy’s location impressed me even more.  It exists ten minutes away from Downtown.  Here was a packed Tuesday night at a place not located in Downtown Orlando, something very impressive. Most people believe a popular event must always happen in a downtown area.  Takeovr proved this wrong.

Last time I checked, Smile for Camera still hosts EDM events.  Yet, Takeovr no longer happens at Roxy’s Tuesday nights. From what I witnessed at Takeovr, the mostly twenty-something crowd definitely enjoy Smile for Camera’s events.

Here are some cellphone pics of Takeovr’s Tuesday night.



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