Altamonte Springs’ Why Not Lounge: A Big Waste of Money

Why Not Lounge

The damned-near empty parking lot was an omen. Yet, last Friday night, I entered the infamous Why Not Lounge, anyway. Why Not Lounge exists in a Howard Johnson’s Hotel located in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Legend has it Playboy once wrote it as the best place to get laid…back in the 1970’s.

For the longest of time, many Central Floridians viewed Why Not Lounge as a temple of cheesiness, the laughing stock of all Central Florida nightclubs. Some of it was deserved. True enough, patrons way past their primes dressed like twenty year olds. Some even behaved that way too. Still, that was only some of the people. Also, Why Not Lounge wasn’t the senior citizen paradise folks said it was. Right along with the over-fifty patrons were folks in their thirties and forties. Some were even in their twenties.

I never had a problem with the crowd. For me, Why Not Lounge is a ten minute drive away. Plus it was always free to go in. Also, the service was good.

Last Friday showed a different Why Not Lounge. First, there was a five dollar cover for non-hotel residents. A live band always played on the stage. That night a DJ was on the stage.

Truth be known, I enjoyed the night just having a DJ. I never had anything against live entertainment. Still, I always preferred listening to music by the original artists.

When I bought the usual Bud Light, my mood soured. The Bud Light was four bucks. I handed the bartender a five. She kept my dollar change, something that annoyed the hell out of me. As a tip, I was going to leave it to her anyway. Yet, she took it upon herself to keep my dollar.

Let’s go over this again. I paid five dollars to enter a fuckin’ hotel lounge, a place no bigger than your average dive bar. Unless there’s a band, dive bars usually let you in free. As other spots usually charge three bucks and some change for a Bud Light, Why Not Lounge charges four dollars, too goddamned high for a domestic beer. Plus Ol’ Girl took it upon herself to keep my dollar. If it wasn’t for the free parking, I could have sworn I was in Downtown Orlando, a spot notorious for shitty service and over-priced drinks.

I enjoyed the DJ. His mixing showed a talent for catering to diverse crowds. Older crowd doesn’t mean playing “classics” all night. The DJ successfully mixed the classics with the new.

Another bright spot was running into two female friends, both I hadn’t seen in awhile. Their smiles and friendly behavior lightened my mood a little. I gave them both a hug before I left.

On the whole, I may not set foot into Why NotLounge for a long time. The whole experience was a waste of money.


2 thoughts on “Altamonte Springs’ Why Not Lounge: A Big Waste of Money

  1. They say you can’t go home again. Once the Holiday Inn Why Not Lounge got taken by a HoJo’s. It was done.
    Memories are the days of Patty Hearn, Dan McNamara, Robin Rice, Dawn Caswell, Randy Butt, Becky Siegel. And of course the band “Virginia”
    Those were the days (nights) that legends were made.

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