Orlando’s Ruling Indie Venue: Will’s Pub Part One

Of course, as the blog continually focus on Orlando’s nightlife and culture, no way in hell could it forget Will’s Pub, one of Orlando’s ruling live act venues.  Because of it’s strong Indie presence, some might even suggest Will’s Pub the ruler of all Central Florida live venues.

I found Will’s Pub back in 1997.  My buddy, Nigel, DJed there once a week.  The service was good. People were laid back and nice. I kept going back to Will’s every since.

Bands from all over the country come to Will’s.  Not only that, Will’s strongly caters to local acts also.

When local poets had no venue, Will’s Pub welcomed them.   Every week, I hosted the open-mic reading that eventually went to Tod Caviness.  (A side note: Every bar that kicked out the poets prior to this have since closed.)

The old Will’s Pub location closed in 2006.  Another bar eventually opened in 2009.

The following gallery shows photos of the first bar.  Photos of the second bar will be shown in a future blog, Part Two.





5 thoughts on “Orlando’s Ruling Indie Venue: Will’s Pub Part One

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  4. How we you going to a bar in Orlando every week since 1997 when in 1997 you were 15 and lived in Stuart?

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