Wally’s: One of Orlando’s Oldest and Best Dive Bars

Wally's Sign

Almost every week, friends and I hang at Wally’s, an Orlando bar that existed before Walt Disney World. Founded in 1954, by the late Roy Updike, the bar opened as Mills Avenue Liquors.

On Wally’s walls, you see wallpaper of naked women.  That’s been up since the bar’s opening.

Wallpaper of naked women

As time went on, the late Walter Updike (Roy’s son), took over.  During this time, a jukebox was added.  Then, the name changed.

I couldn’t find the exact date.  Yet, the name change happened during a time patrons gathered to watch televised UCF football games.  For some reason, patrons kept yelling, “Wally! Wally! Wally!”

That created the name change.

What’s to love about Wally’s, you ask?  Service is super friendly.  When they pour liquor, you get a good pour. Plus the liquor isn’t watered-down and over-priced. You definitely receive a stiff drink.  Another thing, the bar always have decent drink specials.

My friends and I usually attend the bar counter.  Yet, Wally’s is also a carryout  joint.  Folks can buy booze for taking home.

The hours are 7:30 am to 2 am.

People of all ages and all backgrounds hang here.  Also, folks from every economic class hangs here too, from broke to wealthy. Usually, everyone gets along.

Once in awhile, you see entertainment.  Yet, most of the music comes from the jukebox.

I never forgot this moment.  It happened during President Obama’s first run for president.  The television in our area was on FOX.  Me and some friends kept talking shit about FOX not being truthful with the voting counts.  I guess the bartender was fed up with our shit talking.  He changed the channel to another station showing the counts, one we agreed with.

I’m not going to hide it. I’ve had my downs here.  Mostly, people hogging the Internet Jukebox.  I love and hate that thing. I love it because you can find almost any song you want.  I hate it because current technology allows douche bags to block your songs on a phone app.  I witnessed an idiot doing this all night.  After that, I vowed to never step foot back into Wally’s again.

Yet, a friend pointed out the many positives over the negatives.  Because the positives outweighs the negatives, I still return to Wally’s.

The following gallery contains photos of the past years.



6 thoughts on “Wally’s: One of Orlando’s Oldest and Best Dive Bars

  1. Maybe the dude didn’t want to hear “Addams Family” by Hammer all night long….
    aye,dive bars can be very cool places and as a rule,they never tolerate asses.

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