Live Lewd Girls: Dirty Stories for Charity

Last Thursday night at Orlando’s Peacock Room, I attended  Live Lewd Girls, a night of erotic spoken word.

Live Lewd Girls Flyer from Orlando

As the above pic indicates, all of the erotic readers were women.  Two were dominatrices.  One was a porn star.  Two were burlesque dancers. Another was a blogger. Plus another was puppeteer.

The event was a charity for Florida Little Dog Rescue.

Right before the event, I found the bar’s playing Sade music intriguing.  “Ordinary Love” set the mood.

Belladiva Bonesaw.

Belladiva Bonesaw

The title of her two part story was “Fill Me Up”. This involved meeting a kinky French waiter in a diner.   Sade was still playing in the background as Belladiva read Part One.  When she later read Part Two, the story turned far kinkier than Part One, something about a big cucumber and “kitchen lubricant”.

Belladiva Bonesaw is a dominatrix.

Rudy Darling.

Reno Mussatto and Ruby Darling

Ruby’s story involved a heiress boning the butler. Not only was the story exciting, it was also damned funny.  Ruby’s reading added more substance to it.

As Ruby read, Reno Mussatto played the drums.

Ruby Darling dances for Skill Focus Burlesque, a nerdy burlesque troupe.

Reno Mussatto.

Reno Mussatto

As the women read, Reno drummed the sounds of vintage strip club music.

Reno is a songwriter and publisher for Lakehouse Records and Recording.


Heather Lyles.

Heather Lyles

Heather’s story “Look Both Ways”  by Alice Gray involved a dude boning his female neighbor, someone he secretly watches. All through the story, our main character wonders how his neighbor knew his name.  Also, there’s a message here about typical dudes, boning a woman and not knowing her name.

Heather Lyles is an event coordinator for Orlando Area Derby Revolution. She also writes the food blog derbygirleats.


Cherry Bob-Bomb.

Cherry Bob-Bomb

Cherry read “A Dog in the Closet” by Cristiano Caffieri. The funny story involves a lover boy who successfully gains the attention of female dog lovers. He does this by showing admiration for the dogs. During this episode, his “success” somewhat backfires.

Just like Ruby Darling, Cherry Bob-Bomb also persons for Skill Focus Burlesque.

Katie Correll

Katie Correll

Katie read another story by Alice Gray.  Two exceptional things about Katie’s readings. First, it was the only story told in the first person, that of a woman. Second, Katie read pretty damned good.  The other readers read well too.  Yet, Katie’s reading deserves attention.

The story was called “Simon Says”.

A puppeteer who is also a mechanical engineer, Katie Correll also was on Season 2 of the TBS reality show King of the Nerds.


Whitney Morgan.Whitney Morgan Reading



Porn star Whitney Morgan read Mark Parchman’s “Oscar the Office Whore”, gay erotica involving a married man and his male boss.   As the graphic story continued, I noticed the many so-called straight men enjoying the story.

Whitney performs dominatrix porn.  Because I write this on WordPress, I can’t show links.

Next month in July, another show happens at The Peacock Room.

A big shout out to Mark Parchman giving me a ride to this event.

The following photos contains more scenes from the night.



2 thoughts on “Live Lewd Girls: Dirty Stories for Charity

  1. A very interesting way to raise money for charity – than you for including my link.

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