Orlando’s The Peacock Room: An Overlooked Gem

For almost a decade, Orlando’s Peacock Room always lived as one of my second homes away from home.

Selfie at Peacock Room

Selfie at Peacock Room

The owners David and Carmen always treated me with respect. The bartenders were always extra-nice.  When it came to mixed-drinks, I never had any complaints.

The Peacock Room exists in the Mills 50 district.  Also, except during an heavily attended event, parking is easy to find.  Parking spots exists behind the bar…AND PARKING IS FREE!

In the past, some folks complained about drink prices.  Yet, I think that’s an over-exaggeration.  You’re probably paying twenty-five cents to fifty cents more than a few places.  (Speaking of quarters, they give exact change back.) Yet, a drink special always happens at The Peacock Room.  When it comes to paying my tab, I always found the amount reasonable.  Prices are still cheaper than many Downtown Orlando establishments.

Once called an over-thirty spot, people in their twenties patronize Peacock Room also.  A mixture from all backgrounds swallow booze here.  Also, entertainment of all varieties happen: bands, DJs, game nights, etc.  In the past, I premiered movies here during my birthday.  Another thing, art openings happen here too.

Personally, I always found The Peacock Room as an overlooked gem, a spot deserving more press than it usually receives.

The following are mostly recent photos of The Peacock Room.


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