Orlando’s Milk District Deserves a Visit

Last Friday night, a friend (Joe Vaught) and I visited Orlando’s Milk District, named that because the strip exists behind TG Lee milk company.  First, we landed at Sandwich Bar. The entry fee was fifteen dollars.  Yet, because it was early, the fee was ten dollars.

When we entered, Bob Man played house music.

Bob Man Sandwich Bar in Orlando


Multicolored lights spun throughout the place.  Not many people were here yet.

For six bucks, I bought two tall PBRs for Joe and me.

As usual, I got antsy.  I wanted to walk around.

After Joe and I finished our PBRs, we exited the building and walked the Milk District.

We stopped at Spacebar, located next door.

A DJ played hip-hop. Not the commercial stuff.  This music sounded underground.  No lyrics about money and million dollar pussy.

A wall of vinyl existed on the right.  Joe posed for me.

Spacebar Records Orlando


The place also had 80s video games.  Joe played Galaga.

Next, we passed by the Milk Bar, a place I visited before.  Nice service when I was there.  Yet, Joe and I kept walking.

We then passed by Sportstown Billiards.

Sportstown Orlando


Then, we walked by Bull & Bush.  Saturdays, they have Comedy.

Bull and Bush Orlando

Bull & Bush is an English Pub. Whenever I visited, I came with a group of friends. It’s more an intimate setting instead of a loud bar.

We didn’t go in. We want back to Sportstown.

Sportstown contained a sizable crowd. Folks of all varieties played pool, darts, ping pong, etc. A jukebox played a 90s rock song I recognized but didn’t know the name.

A tall woman behind the bar counter served me two PBRs for $4.50.   She looked either Hispanic or Biracial.  Plus she wore tattoos on her right arm.  (I think it was the right arm.)  The most wonderful thing I noticed about her?  Unlike some people at other bars, she gave back exact change.

Joe and me stayed in Sportstown for quite awhile. We noticed a “woman” with huge muscles.  It was obvious her blonde hair might have been a wig. Some dudes attempted getting her attention, but she kept walking.

One guy looked over at me.

“Hey, I ain’t judging,” I said.

His friends laughed along with me and Joe.

After finishing our brew, Joe and I  headed back to Sandwich Bar.

I then told Joe I wanted to go back to the car and get my real camera.  He was the driver.  So, he walked with me back to his car.  He unlocked the door, allowing me to grab my Canon Rebel DSLR.

Next, we walked back to Sandwich Bar. More people had arrived. Mathew Scott was playing. Mathew owns the place. He also played house music.

Around 12:30, the evenings headliner, Sandra Collins, played.

In the next blog, I’ll display a photo gallery of Sandwich Bar.

They ran out of PBR. So, we drunk Yuengling for the same price.

Joe and I left around 3:30 AM.

As I enjoy the Milk District, I got one huge complaint. That complaint is not enough parking. That night, I witnessed a car being towed. I imagined that happening a lot in this area, something that might be a huge turnoff.

Still, despite parking problems, Orlando’s Milk District definitely deserves frequent visits: popular DJs, nice service and friendly patrons.



3 thoughts on “Orlando’s Milk District Deserves a Visit

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