Orlando’s Mills 50: A Barhopper’s Paradise

Last Friday night, I visited Orlando’s Mills 50 area, named because the area exists on Mills Avenue and State Road 50.  That night I remained on the Mills Avenue part.

First I parked at Wally’s.

Wally's Orlando

After entering the spot, I noticed the small crowd.  From past visits, I witnessed  all walks of life drinking at Wally’s.  I witnessed every class group, ethnicity/race, age group, fashion group, etc. Also, rarely a fight happens here.

For three bucks, I received my usual Bud Light bottle.  When I consume mixed drinks here, I can always count on Wally’s for giving me a good pour.  None of the watered-down stuff  exists here, stuff nightclubs are notoriously known for.

The jukebox played rock music.  I checked the jukebox to see how many songs were waiting to be played.  After seeing only one, I picked two rap songs: “F**ckin’ Problems” by ASAP Rocky and “Wanna Be a Baller” by Lil Troy.

When those two played, the rock guys added more songs.  It wasn’t many because eventually I soon heard another song I picked, “Turn Down for What” by DJ Snake and Lil Jon.

Soon, I left my parked car at Wally’s, crossed the street and headed to Uncle Lou’s Entertainment Hall.

Uncle Lou's Orlando

Some nights, when bands play here, the place is packed with twenty-somethings.  Tonight, as the jukebox played rap, a small group played pool.

Most drinks are two to five bucks.  For three bucks, I received a  Bud Light can.  Uncle Lou’s is probably the only bar in the area that sells Colt 45.

Seeing the drink prices, that would definitely make me come back.

Next, I walked to Lil Indies.  There DJ BMF played 45s.

DJ BMF spinning 45s

The music was mostly soul/r&b jams.

This spot contained more people than my previous two spots. Also, here I definitely witnessed an ethnic mixture of patrons.  I saw whites, Hispanics and blacks. All danced as BMF played the jams.

Here I bought a beer for three bucks.  I think it was a Yuengling.  Along with craft beer, Lil Indies also serve basic mixed drinks.

For a future blog, I’ll post a photo gallery of BMF’s night.

After spending much time at Lil Indies, I walked to other spots on Mills 50.  First, I walked to St. Mathews Tavern.

Orlando St, Mathew's Tavern

I peeked in and didn’t see many people.  So, I didn’t stay.

One Sunday night, I did have some brew and noticed St. Mathews was busier than the other bars in Mills 50.  Also, the service was friendly.  No keeping your quarters here, they give exact change back.

The Peacock Room was across the street.  I didn’t go.  Yet, I know a person can always count on friendly service there.

Next I headed to BART, a bar known for retro video games.

Bart in Orlando


I didn’t see many people there either. So,  I didn’t stay. In my past visits, I don’t remember someone giving me bad service.  Plus I did enjoy playing the video games.

I headed back to Wally’s.  There I ran into my buddy, Phil Longo.

Phil in Front of Orlando's Wally's

I promised the Wally’s staff I was returning.  There I had my last brew.

Many spots are within walking distance in Mills 50.  All bars contain friendly service and reasonably-priced drinks. As parking may be difficult to find, it still is free.  Oh yea, a person must watch where they park. Or else get towed.  For those who enjoy barhopping, Mills 50 is paradise.





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